Looking for hip hop classes?

Looking for hip hop classes? We offer classes beginner to advanced ages 6 and up! Come take class with the most sought after hip hop teacher and choreographer Vince Akinyode!

Vince has been apart of the Hyperflex Team for 5 years and counting, and has many years of teaching experience. We are proud he is ours, and very excited he will be teaching ages 6 and up! Yes! We said 6!! Looking for an experienced teacher for your hip hop dancer? He is it!

Vince’s professionalism, energy and commitment are second to none. He inspires and pushes dancers to be their very best. Come take class from the best of the best!

Credits include: WOD Arizona Champion, So You Think You Can Dance, Choreographer of the year at AE as well as Represent- 2 of Canada’s biggest hip hop competitions, Boys II Men, Ashanti and Chris Brown to name just a few.

Contact us at hyperf@telus.net or 780-465-9933 for class schedule and pricing.



2017-2018 Registration

Our registration will take place at Hyperflex Dance Studio. Dates will be:

Tuesday August 22nd, 5:00-8:00 pm

Thursday August 24th, 5:00-8:00 pm

Saturday August 26th, 10:00 am-3:00 pm

We are currently accepting registration for our 2017-2018 season. We are excited about our upcoming 11th year and all of the incredible things we have planned; including a trip to Disney World to compete at Epcot Center.  Please contact the studio at hyperf@telus.net for scheduling and price information.

Come dance with us!!



Hyperflex Dance Studio Inc is one of Edmonton’s premiere dance studio’s. Our staff has years of teaching and professional experience which allows our programs to continue to be the most sought after. We have a committed, focused, positive environment which allows our students to achieve remarkable things!

Come dance with us!

We pledge:

  • Passionately committed, and educated teachers focused on the training of all students
  • Devotion to the artistic potential of all dancers
  • Dedication to personal growth and achievement of every dancer

We offer:

  • Preschool – includes 3, 4 and 5 year old classes with introductions to tap, ballet and jazz
  • Ballet – technique from France, known as one of the worlds top and most successful techniques
  • Jazz – stretch and Technique classes as well as choreography classes. Includes many different and exciting styles
  • Lyrical – a combination of ballet and jazz technique with a great expression of movement
  • Tap – Technique and Choreography classes, Al Gilbert syllabus and non-syllabus
  • Hip Hop – street dance styles and foundation
  • Acro- dance inspired gymnastics and acrobatics
  • Contemporary- technical and expressive



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